Academic Services and Rates



Full Package – 20c per word

Proofreading, academic editing, layout, and formatting (inserting a programmed table of contents, formatting tables and figures, inserting programmed lists of tables and figures, etc.).

Checking in-text references, reference list proofreading and formatting, and cross-checking the citations in the document against the reference list.

Medium Package – 18c per word

Proofreading and academic editing, layout, formatting (inserting a programmed table of contents, and formatting tables and figures), checking in-text references, and reference list proofreading and formatting.

Light Package – 16c per word

Proofreading and editing, as well as very basic layout. Not available for academic documents.

Layout & formatting – R8 per page

Includes basic layout of document, formatting of spacing, page numbers, table of contents, list of tables and figures, creation of front page, title page, etc.







Translation – 55c per word

• Afrikaans - English

• English - Afrikaans

PowerPoint – R18 per slide

• Inserting existing text

• Creating animations

• Layout

• Design

Data Processing

Producing graphs and figures from questionnaires or other data (no interpretation). Please contact us for a quotation.

Commercial Services and Rates


Copywriting – R1, 30 per word

• Original text

• Articles

• Website content

Business plan writing

In partnership with Small Business Development Consulting (PTY) Ltd. Please contact Jeanne for more information.




084 626 8182 (Rudi)

082 811 6857 (Jeanne)